There’s a phenomenon sweeping through the SQL Twitterverse today called Meme Monday.  It’s the brainchild of Thomas LaRock, a.k.a. SQLRockstar (Blog | Twitter).  I like where this idea is going; visions of Xzibit are dancing through my head (ooh, idea: let’s make “Yo Dawg” the next Meme Monday).

This Monday’s meme is to “Write a SQL blog post in 11 words or less”.  I was tagged by Rebecca Mitchell (Blog | Twitter) and so I’m happy to play this game.  Here’s my entry, which combines two of the things I’m all about:

“You know our disaster plan? What does it say about zombies?”

I’m tagging Mike Decuir (Blog | Twitter) and Yanni Robel (Blog | Twitter), the dynamic duo of DBA’s for

UPDATE: It looks like Yanni Robel beat me to the punch with her Meme Monday post.